"Error Opening image" Something went wrong while opening jetson-nano-sd-r32.1-2019-03-18.zip

“Error Opening image” Something went wrong while opening jetson-nano-sd-r32.1-2019-03-18.zip Error: end of central directory record signiture not found. Etcher version 1.5.24-x64. Windows10Pro.
I have downloaded the Jetson-Nano image file twice from two different computers and getting same results. I did try double clicking on ZIP and result was that the file is invalid. Tried “Extract all…” and result was "The compressed zip folder is empty. But file size is over 4.6 GB.
Any suggestions.

Hi wax2015, are you able to successfully download the image from this mirror?


Thanks for reply dusty_nv. I will try. I have a slow internet connection so it may be a couple of hours before I can verify whether that works.

Download completed after just a couple of minutes. 5.3GB did NOT download. What is the exact download size? Will have to try later tonight.
Will probably receive Jetson Nano board from Nvidia tomorrow.

It’s 5,638,005,084 bytes. Unfortunately if you are having problems downloading from two separate hosts, it might be related to your connection.

Used MS Edge and your mirror and still got less than 5 GB bytes.
Used Firefox and got 5,338,462,798 bytes, but forgot to use the mirror site you recommended.
Will try Firefox and your mirror, but can’t until later tonight.
Any other suggestions?

I had to manually search for this thread. How does one bookmark or search for ones threads? Sorry for stupid question.

Hi wax, if you go to your user profile, you will see your threads listed there.


Thanks for “user profile” answer.


Finally got a good download of 5,638,005,084 bytes for the Nano image. Also received Nano board and power supply. Ready for next step.