Jetson NX USB Ports

Jetson NX when boots up is unable to run any USB devices. It was working and I normally use SSH, but when I went to the screen the keyboard/mouse is not working and noticed that everytime I rebooted I got a different MAC Address which will messing up my firewall routing as it was looking at MAC address. Attached is the UART log I got from jetson xavier nx using minicom.

In the attached log I notice:
[0004.343] I> USB Firmware Version: 60.06 release
[0004.398] I> regulator of usb2-0 already enabled
[0004.403] I> regulator of usb2-1 already enabled
[0004.408] I> regulator of usb2-2 already enabled
[0005.411] E> failed to initialize xhci controller
[0005.411] E> Error in init of XUSB host driver, err: 79790026
[0005.412] W> Failed to initialize device 5-0
[0005.412] E> USB boot failed, err: 2037973030

and then below:

Failed to get Ethernet MAC address

Board: Aetina AN810
SOM: NVIDIA Jetson XAVIER NX (Production Board)
Boot Seq: Boot from NVME (256GB)
No Micro-SD CARD on Board

jetson_nx_uartlog_20210718.txt (81.2 KB)

Any guidance is appreciated.


Looks like the eeprom over the module is broken or the board fails to read it.

This would affect the function of other peripheral. Do you have other carrier board to validate whether this is carrier board issue or module issue?

Hi @WayneWWW ,
Appreciate your prompt assistance. I was able to get my colleagues spare AN810 and install my nvidia SOM and nvme and it runs into the same issue. Attached is the new log.
What would be the next steps? Also, what would corrupt eeprom? This is the second module I have the same problem. I had this issue before and I did an RMA and got the new SOM and now this SOM again with the same issue?

jetson_nx_newboard_uartlog_20210718.txt (44.6 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Err… you didn’t hit the eeprom issue on your colleague’s board this time…

This is the error log from your board.

[0009.838] W> Unknown storage device
[0009.842] E> Error 892665857: Failed to read CVM EEPROM
[0009.846] E> Failed to get serial number
[0009.850] I> Plugin-manager override starting

And this is the log from your colleague’s board… the board is able to get the eeprom content from the module now.
Thus, your first carrier board may have some hardware problem.

0009.572] I> eeprom_get_mac_addr: MAC (type: 2): 48:b0:2d:07:5f:8a
[0009.578] W> “plugin-manager” doesn’t exist, creating
[0009.583] I> Adding /chosen/plugin-manager/cvm
[0009.587] W> “chip-id” doesn’t exist, creating
[0009.591] I> Adding /chosen/plugin-manager/chip-id
[0009.596] W> “configs” doesn’t exist, creating

As for your “usb” issue, my suggestion is you can dump the dmesg after kernel is up… that is where we check the usb log.

What you are showing in previous comment is the usb boot log from cboot. It does not represent “my usb device cannot work”. It is just the cboot driver does not find a usb boot device.

So I think I essed the way I presented the logs. I have TWO NVIDIA SOMs and TWO Aetina AN810 Boards. In the attached log, I have SOM1 BOARD1 which was my orginal SOM and BOARD. SOM2 and BOARD 2 is my colleagues.
BOARD1+SOM1 ==> NO USB, Random MAC Addresses
BOARD2+SOM1 ==> YES USB, Random MAC Address

jetson_nx_uartlog_20210718.txt (81.2 KB)
jetson_nx_newboard_uartlog_20210718.txt (44.6 KB)
uartlog_20210719-SOM1BOARD2.txt (49.0 KB)

Can you elaborate the mapping of the log and the case?

Only 2 logs here have the random mac issue… The jetson_nx_newboard_uartlog_20210718.txt does not have random mac issue… the mac is directly read from the eeprom.

If the second log maps to the second case, then it looks like your BOARD1 is broken and that is the cause of your issue.

BTW, you still didn’t share the dmesg. If you just want to check the usb boot in the cboot, please let me correct the topic title to “cboot usb boot”.

So, my SOM labelled as SOM1 is giving me random mac address issue.
I will upload the dmesg logs shortly.

I think maybe you should tell me the mapping of the log and the case…

So far I only knew uartlog_20210719-SOM1BOARD2.txt is SOM1+ Board2. And it has problem.

I am not sure which one is for BOARD1+SOM2. If that one is jetson_nx_newboard_uartlog_20210718.txt, then you are right, the SOM1 has problem. You can directly RMA that module. It should be hardware defect.

dmesg_log.txt (67.8 KB)

Do you connect anything on the usb port?

This log is original SOM and board (i.e. SOM1 and Board 1)
uartlog_20210718-SOM1BOARD1.txt (81.2 KB)

This log is original SOM and new board (i.e. SOM1 and Board 2)
uartlog_20210719-SOM1BOARD2.txt (49.0 KB)

This log is different SOM and OLD board (i.e. SOM1 and Board 1)
uartlog_20210718-SOM2BOARD1.txt (44.6 KB)

@WayneWWW - Yes, I have USB Keyboard and mouse. After boot None of them work and I have to SSH into it from a different device.

Is SOM1 using the same driver package to flash as SOM2? If so, it looks like SOM1 should have hardware defect. Please RMA it.
The log does not have any usb enumeration log.

So refer the RMA group to this thread? Also, this SOM was replacement of one I had before, so the warranty will be new one on this right?

Sorry that I cannot reply those warranty related questions.

Please directly follow the RMA process from here.

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