Jetson Orin agx sku2 无法刷机

我最近从国外购买了一批Jetson orin 模块,该模块PN为699-13701-0002,在查询论坛后发现该模块是用于Nvidia Holoscan SDK, 并且我用我手上的NVIDIA Orin agx devkit 的p3737 底板无法使用sdkmanager进行刷机,显示无法找到对应底板或board,请问该模块能通过用flash.sh的命令进行刷机使其能够在正常的P3737底板上使用吗

No, this module is not for Jetson platform. Not able to get flashed by using p3737.

So TE992 is sku2, and TE980M is normal Orin Agx 32G module?

This chip ID does not matter to end user. You should just focus on board ID and sku.

3701-0000/0004/0005/0008 are for jetson.

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