Jetson Orin Development Kit Camera Error signal

Hi, AGX Orin pin L4 can be used only as output pin due to the buffer for strap pin but connected to Camera Error4 input signal. Is this tested or is there any plan to move this signal to other pins? We want our design to be 100% compatible with development kit to use the existing camera modules

hello roshan.dsouza,

did you meant this pin, i.e. pin# L4 | UART4_RTS | GP120_UART4_RTS_N_BOOT0_STRAP
this is UART pin, what’s the camera error signal you’ve seen?

Hello Jerry,
In reference Pin#L4 is used for CAM_ERROR4 which is an input signal but this pin can be used only as output.

hello roshan.dsouza,

because I cannot confirm which pin you’re talking about. could you please point-out the documentation that mention this pin, thanks

Hello Jerry, Attached are the screenshot from design guide and reference schematics

Pin L4 should be OUTPUT only since it is buffered. That will be corrected in new release, thanks.

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