Jetson ORIN module PCIe lane-polarity inversion

There have been a few discussions about lane-reversal, but I didn’t find any topic about the PCIe lane P/N inversion.

My specific question is, are carrier-board designer able to invert the P/N polarities on a lane-based? Example, a port is configured to be x8 (UPHY Lane [12:19]) PCIe link, is it ok to only invert 4-lanes P/N polarities, while keep the other 4-lanes in default polarities?

The reason behind is, I came across the DG v1.2 pinout table, it seems in UPHY Lane[12:19], 4-lanes P/N pins are arranged in different order than other 4-lanes. This arrangement would likely cause routing issues on the carrier board. To ease the routing challenges, 4-lanes P/N polarities may need to be inverted.
See below picture (red-circles vs. blue-circles). DG v1.2 allows P/N inversion, another document says P/N can be inverted individually, but I really need to give above example to clarify with Nvidia that partial inversion of the P/N polarities is valid.

Wondering if somebody had a look at this ticket. Please provide an update. Thanks

Every PCIe lane supports polarity inversion. In multi-lane PCIe configuration, each lane can have polarity inversion enabled for better PCB routing as needed.

Thank you, Trumany
Which register can be used to enable lane-based polarity? I searched through the SOC reference manual. I did find some polarity control for video interface C-PHY, D-PHY, but I didn’t find any similar register control in UPHY or PCIe sections.

Any updates on my last question? Thanks

This is handled automatically during the PCIe link training process so you dont need to do anything in software. Any combination of lanes can be P/N swapped.

Awesome! Thanks for the clarification

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