[Jetson Orin NANO] HDMI can't output 4K@60

Hi NV,
we test Orin NANO on two different monitor which support 4K@60
but one can output 4K@60 the other can’t,
do you have any idea how to debug such issue?

Please check
Jetson Orin Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

4Kp60 is not supported on Orin Nano.

Hi DaneLLL,
got it,

@bross_kuo please also dump your xrandr result.

Hi Wayne,
xrandr result as follow,

Please test with xavier nx devkit + orin nano or orin NX module and see if it can output with same monitor.

Hi Wayne,
since NV SPEC note that Orin Nano doesn’t support 4K@60,
I think no necessary to make more effort on this issue,

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