Only 1080p resolution of customized Orin nx carrier board

Our customized Orin NX carrier board references Jetson_Orin_NX_Series_and_Orin_Nano_Series_Design_Guide_DG-10931-001_v1.0.pdf, and designs the display to HDMI interface. The resolution is only under 1080p, how to fix to have 8Kp60 resolution ?

Orin HDMI only supports up to HDMI2.0 so it cannot be achieved to 8K@60.

Also, you need to modify the DCB as document said.

If you only change the hardware design, then it is still in DP mode.

BTW, p3509 board config in the BSP already supported HDMI mode. But only extra patch is needed.

I look up the 8Kp60 from the comparison table of Jetson Modules, Support, Ecosystem, and Lineup | NVIDIA Developer.
Currently, I can change the resolution to 4Kp60, but can’t get the 8Kp30 resolution when I connect to a 8K monitor.
Is it(4Kp60) the maximum resolution of Orin NX 8G ?

The 8k@60 is for DP. Not for HDMI.

Yes, currently only supports up to 4k@60.

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