About whether ORIN module can display 8K60 output

I have a question about ORIN’s DP max resolution.

The DP port output specification of the DEV KIT provided by NV states that 8K@30 is the maximum resolution.

On the other hand, in the introduction of the ORIN module, it is introduced that the display output can output up to 8K60.

If the driving board of the ORIN module is newly designed to meet the 8K60 output conditions, is it possible to actually produce 8K60 output?

Is the reason why 8K30 was introduced as the maximum resolution in the DEV KIT introduction because of DEV KIT’s DP HW design?

In the Data Sheet, we specify to please reference the latest software documentation on what is supported.

8K30 is listed in the developer kit getting started guide, because that is what our software supports: Jetson AGX Orin — Jetson Linux
Developer Guide 34.1 documentation (nvidia.com)

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