Jetson orin nano - jetpack 6 not flashing with SDK manager ubuntu 22.04 (701.7 KB)
I am using this carrier board Buy Carrier Board for Jetson Orin Nano/NX System on Module Online in India at , I am trying to flash orin nano 8GB using SDK manager manual method by force recovery with PIN 9 and 10 , I have connected this (Buy EVM M.2 Nvme PCIe 2230 256GB SSD Online In India at to carrier board. I tried all nvme/sd card/usb flash options from SDK manager with Manual set up and runtime option. Attached is the log. Please help I have been trying for long time now to set this up. I have checked other posts in this forum with no luck.

Then you should know how to dump the log:

I bought the serial debug cable and used minicom while flashing. Attached is the log.
dmesg.txt (5.8 KB)
logs_boot.txt (58.0 KB)

Your serial console is a little out of order. Some of the info got truncated.
Please resize your terminal and dump it again.

Seems like you PC is unable to connect to the Jetson SSH server to start the flashing process.
Do you mind running these commands after flashing fails?

ip a

Please also consider swapping for another flashing cable.