Jetson Orin Power GUI will not come up


I’m using Jetson Orin 32GB EVB with JP5.0 flashed.
I’m trying to activate the Jetson Power GUI, but it will not come up.

Can you please assist?


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Tom K

What is “power GUI”?


I’m referring to this feature:

To run Jetson Power GUI:

  1. Click the nvpmodel GUI represented by an NVIDIA icon on the right side the Ubuntu desktop’s top bar.

  2. Click the “Run Jetson Power GUI” submenu.

This GUI does not show up on my unit.

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Hi user98065,

We can see the Jetson Power GUI pop-up on Desktop without problem.
Can you reboot and try again? or flash JP-5.0 DP again?

Hi @carolyuu ,

Reboot does not help.
I’ve installed the Orin JP5.0 using instructions in: Getting Started with Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer

  1. How do I re-flash the unit? Via SDK Manager?
  2. It seems a bit extreme solution to get the Power GUI working. Any additional information I can provide to debug this issue?

Hi user98065,

  1. Yes, using SDK Manager to re-flash.
  2. Please try to run below command on your Desktop GUI:
    $ sudo /usr/share/nvpmodel_indicator/
    → share logs if you got error message.

This command:
sudo /usr/share/nvpmodel_indicator/
Did not generate any error messages or prints. It simply “hangs”

Hi @carolyuu ,

I reflashed Orin using SDK manager and the issue is now resolved.

Hello, could you please tell me what have you done. Have you installed the SDK on a host running ubuntu and what did you do after this? Have you re-installed from the beginning or just something to fix the power GUI.


Yes, I flashed the Orin from scratch using SDK Manager installed on a host PC running Ubuntu. No ‘local’ fix for Power GUI was suggested.

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Okay, thanks.

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