Jetson Orin: Power

Hi NV Support Team
I have some query about the Jetson Orin module power design in my customer carrier board.

  1. Any sequence request for SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV
  2. VCC_RTC power: do we need connect to always on LDO 3V3 ? or it only used to connect to 3.3V battery ?


Please follow the latest design guide/reference design for the answer of questions.

From Jetson_AGX_Orin_Design_Guide_DG-10653-001_v1.0 “Real-Time Clock: Connects to a Lithium Cell or similar power source”
Q1: Can we use LDO for RTC ? Do you have any requiremnt about RTC power.
Q2: SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV used power for Jetson orin, I dont find sequence requirment in Design guide.
Can you plesase show the two poer rail sequence requirement.


  1. LDO is OK
  2. Design Guide is what we can provide.

This means SYS_VIN_HV & SYS_VIN_MV dont have exact sequirement.
e.g. VIN_HV before than VIN_MV or equle / later than VIN_MV ?

Please refer to latest Design Guide. That’s what we can provide. If any update, it will be added into DG in future.

OK, Thanks

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