Jetson Series Modules Environmental Testing

In Spec’ AGX Orin Operational Temp.–>-25~+80,
Spec’ Environmental Testing
Hard Boot at Low Temp, 500 cycles, -20°C, ON for 90 sec, OFF for 20 sec. Reference Standard: NVIDIA Standard

But we testing some Modules -20 is ok, some Modules -15 is boot,
Can you give it to us NVIDIA Standard specification reference.

Do you mean some modules can not boot when < -15C?

Yes, Do not for all modules.

The spec is -25C ~ +80C for module not for devkit. How did you do the test? Is it on devkit or your custom board? Devkit is for room temperature operating (0 ⁰C to 35 ⁰C).

We test Devkit and customer board both, The result is the same, so NVIDIA can guaranty all module boot in -25C.

As said, module can boot at -25C.

NVIDIA Devkit is for room temperature operating (0 ⁰C to 35 ⁰C) testing, How do you verify that the module can withstand -25C ~ +80C



這版有一個低溫開機的known issue.
上面連結有個 mb1_35.3.1_overlay.tbz2 請打上後再測試

好的, 感謝, 我們會再測試

That’s done not with devkit carrier.

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