Orin AGX Industrial fails to boot at low temperature

Dear Nvidia Team,

During Burn-In testing of Orin AGX industrial devices with our custom carrier board we found a device which won’t boot at low temperatures (-15°C and below). For this Burn-In test, we boot the devices repeadeately over multiple temperature cycles from -25°C to 65°C.
This device is from a production run of 4 devices, with the other 3 booting without issue.
Please find attached the output of a successfull boot at room temp. here:
OrinAGXi_good.txt (90.8 KB)

and the output of an unsuccessfull boot at -25°C here:
OrinAGXi_bad.txt (17.1 KB)

Both logs are from the same device.

The Orin AGXi is running JetPack 5.1.2 with all overlays for L4T 35.4.1 installed.
We have already replaced the carrier board and reflashed the device, with no change in boot behaviour.

Do you have an idea what could cause this problem or an input on how to debug this further?

Thank you very much in advance and best regards,


Please directly flash your board with NV devkit and rel-35.5. Your issue is something else. Not related to any previous known issue.

Also, please cross check if only one module or multiple one has such issue.

Please must use NV devkit but not your custom board. Your custom board has no help in this situation.

Hi Wayne,

I’ve reflashed the Orin AGX with JetPack 5.1.3 and mounted it on an NV devkit. Unfortunately, it’s exhibiting the same issue.
It boots perfectly fine at room temperature:
agxi_devkit_good.txt (95.6 KB)

But fails to boot at -25°C:
agxi_devkit_bad.txt (19.4 KB)

We only had four devices, and the other three did not display this issue on our custom board with JetPack 5.1.2.
However, I no longer have them on hand to pull logs as they’re already on their way to our customer.

Is it possible that this could be a single component failure?

Best regards,

Yes, it sounds like single component failure.

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your assistance. We will submit an RMA request for this device over the customer support page.

Best regards,

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