Jetson AGX Orin Cold Boot Issue

We are running cold boot tests (i.e. leave the HW off in the thermal chamber set to -20degC and make sure the HW boots after reaching thermal equilibrium) and we are seeing the following error message:

[0000.701] I> NSDRAM base: 0x80000000, end: 0x82ee70000
[0000.706] I> Task: Thermal check (0x50021d55)
[0000.711] I> max_chip_limit = 105
[0000.714] I> min_chip_limit = -28
[0000.717] I> max temp read = -19
[0000.720] I> min temp read = -31
[0000.724] E> SOC_THERM: Failed to verify temp range.
[0000.728] C> Task 0x0 failed (err: 0x5f5f030b)
[0000.733] E> Top caller module: SOC_THERM, error module: SOC_THERM, reason: 0x0b, aux_info: 0x03
[0000.741] C> Boot Info Table status dump :

We saw another post about the same issue and the recommended solution on that post is to upgrade to rel-35.3.1 (refer to Jetson Orin 200T module’s minimum operating temperature is only -20℃ - #51 by WayneWWW). We went ahead and upgraded from 35.2.1 to 35.3.1 but we are still seeing the same error message.

I have a few questions related to this:

First, I see that the “min_chip_limit” is set to -28degC - is this the threshold for the min_temp_read or max_temp_read? Based on what I see, it seems like this is the threshold for the min_temp_read and the max_temp_read is closer to the ambient temperature (-20degC).

Second, why is there such a large temperature delta between the min_temp_read and max_temp_read?

My understanding is that the operating temperature specification for Jetson AGX Orin (non-industrial version) is -25degC to 80degC (please correct me if I’m wrong) so I’m expecting the unit to pass the cold boot test.

We also have some thermocouples inside the thermal chamber to verify that the temperature inside the chamber is actually close to -20degC as shown below.

For JetPack 5.1.1/L4T 35.3.1, please download the mb1_35.3.1_overlay.tbz2 which is the patch fixes an issue with booting Jetson module in an environment with temperature below -20 degree centigrade, it’s listed in Jetson Linux 35.3.1 | NVIDIA Developer

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