Jetson TK1 R19.3 won't restart after flash

I just flashed my Jetson TK1 board with the new version of the drivers (based on the instructions from CUDACast #20), and it boots and functions ok after flashing until I try to restart it. After restarting, it shows the regular boot procedure and the NVIDIA logo splash screen, but after that the screen remains blank indefinitely (even after many hours), and I can’t even ssh into it. I reflashed it with a bigger partition size (initially I used 8 GiB as shown on the video, but I read on a previous topic in this forum that this might be too small, so I used 14 GiB) but it still has the exact same problem: initial boot after flashing is ok, but if I restart it (with any possible way) it will reach only until the splash screen and then nothing.

I’m not familiar with the CUDACast, so I don’t know what is done there. A couple of questions. First, what was the exact command line used? Second, at any point, was there any kind of apt-get upgrade? Third, what about serial port access (this is really critical to know)…is this also not showing any output?

The exact command that I used for flashing is

sudo ./ -S 14GiB jetson-tk1 mmcblk0p1

. Yes I did run an “apt-get udpate” and “apt-get upgrade” immediately after I flashed the board. As for the serial port, I have no idea how to connect to it, could you point me out some help as to how this is done?

Very likely the apt-get upgrade overwrote So the system probably runs fine other than graphics (X11 login):

Serial port is just the 9 pin connector. Get a DB-9 null modem cable (common and cheap, a bit on the “old technology” side), connect it to your host. If you don’t have a 9 pin serial port on host, get a USB serial UART adapter (plugs into host USB, has a 9 pin serial port on the other end). Settings speed 115200, 8n1. Works as a text terminal to just do things. Oh, use minicom or gtkterm to talk to the serial port.

You can probably ssh in and use scp to copy a replacement over. The other link shows the package which is part of the R19.3 flash containing the file. Remember you need to “sudo” to copy system files and overwrite the installed one.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I’ve tried ssh-ing into the machine, and it doesn’t work, it won’t even print a password input prompt, so I think that it’s not just the graphics. Thanx for the info though, I’ll try it without updating.

UPDATE: It turns out that if I don’t run an apt-get upgrade, then the board works perfectly fine. It restarts properly, and I can ssh into it.

It’s ok to do the apt-get upgrade. Just back up that file first, update, then restore that one file before doing anything else.