Jetson TX2 : Flashing is stucked on 99%

We have 2 different types of Jetson TX2 modules with bottom line of S/N as following:
- 699-83310-1000-D00 P
- 699-83310-1000-D02 K
First type modules have no issue for flashing.
But, I can’t flash image to second type modules.
We are doing this with same procedure and environment.

This message is shown on 99% of flashing.
Whatever i selected, I can’t go to next step.

Please, refer to link. It’s a log file.

Please move to jetpck4.5.1 for the PCN update for D02 TX2 module.

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It looks some versions of JetPack are updated for D02 PCN update as following :

Espically ‘or later’, this description make me confused .
Could i use JetPack 4.3 ??
It’s earlier than JetPack 4.4, but it’s later than JetPack 3.3.3.
If JetPack 4.3(L4T 32.3.1) has no updated data for D02 PCN update, Could i get overlay like L4T 28.2.1?

Please don’t take rel32 and rel28 together. They are totally different branch.

Thus, jerpack4.3 cannot be used. Also, current there is no tarball/patch for jetpack 4.3.

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Thanks for the answer.