JETSON TX2 No display


I am trying to debug TX2 Via serial debug(UART).
While I power up the TX2 I got following log on the Minicom.

Find Image in this URL:!AhxVT0nnlLRgv2wXKxV9ptAY7d6-?e=yfRqxZ
What does this mean?

What is the serial COM configuration (speed, data bits…)?

115200, 8N1

And the physical connections? Did you make sure the TX side of the cable is connected to the RX pin of the TX2, and the RX of the cable to the TX pin?

Yes the pin config is right otherwise I would not get anything in minicom
But in minicom I get some log please look at the image link given in 1st post of this thread

Was the terminal running prior to starting the Jetson? I’m just wondering if this is the full log. I’m guessing this was a very early boot error (long before the kernel ever loaded).

FYI, you might try “gtkterm” instead. Minicom has parts of it designed to send the “AT” commands to a modem, and if it sends the wrong thing by accident, then it might (not likely) cause an error. So for example:javascript:void(0);

sudo apt-get install gtkterm
gtkterm -b 8 -t 1 -s 115200 -p /dev/ttyUSB0

I also like the logging abilities of gtkterm.

I used gtkterm still the result is same.

[0000.330] !!! Exception !!! [lr:0x40021d28, dfar:0x22114e0, dfsr:0x1808]
[0000.336] MB1-BIT() boot status dump :
[0000.365] Last seen error : 0x00000000

Is that the whole log? Something like this right at the start says probably the flash isn’t valid. Also, is this the devel carrier board, or is it something else (if something else it needs a different device tree/BSP)?