Jetson TX2 showing no display after power ON

Today I received Jetson TX2. I setup all peripherals and powered it ON. It lights up on the board but not showing anything on the monitor.
I am very new to Jetson. Please help. It is a Jetson TX2 Developer kit. It is mentioned in the quick start guide that it is pre-flashed with Linux.
I use HDMI to VGA converter. It is a normal monitor which don’t have HDMI port.
Thanks in advance

VGA is not supported.

Back in the bad old days VGA monitors came with a “driver disk” which was really a table of timing data, and not an actual driver. The driver needs this to know how to send the correct signal to the monitor.

Later on HDMI and other “plug-n-play” monitor types were created (e.g., DisplayPort). These formats have a “DDC” wire, and that wire, when queried by the graphics card, provides that same information. Thus no need with HDMI and newer formats to have a separate configuration setup.

The VGA to HDMI adapter literally cuts the DDC wire. VGA monitors do not contain the circuitry to reply, and thus the VGA monitor will work only if you get lucky and the HDMI cable is already outputting with a signal timing the VGA monitor happens to work with.

The Jetson video driver has no ability to use manually configured modes.

I have had this before, I usually have to plug the HDMI into something else (another monitior) power up and then I can switch to my other display.