Jetson TX2 with IDS ueye GigE Camera

Hi everyone,

I am trying to test a GigE Camera from IDS (UI-54482-C-HQ) I have come across some posts where people were able to run the IDS SDK on TX1, but I cannot even start the daemon on Jetson TX2. I am getting an exec error which means it was built (the sdk installer) for a different architecture.

Has anyone had any success getting GigE cameras from IDS to work on Jetson TX2?

Thank you in advance


Did you install arm8/aarch64/arm64 drivers ? Arm32 bits (arm7/armhf) wouldn’t work fine.

I cannot find these drivers for my particular model, when I select the architecture I only see software SDK (maybe I am totally missing something):

Thanks for your reply


You would need to have a login into IDS.
Then try:

Is this the one you’ve tried ?

I only see the below:

For me model :( …Thank you

I got the SDK to run but it wont show any cameras on the list, I am connecting the camera through the POE port on TX2.

I can’t tell more. I’ve been successfully using uEye LE USB cam with that.
You may contact IDS for further support with this camera.

Thank you for your help either way! :)

I got it to work, the drivers for GiGE cameras are updated from SDK manager.