We connected XAVIER with 1105q directly and the reference design phy was remoced. SJA1105q port was configured as RGMII.
But when power up, the log " net eth0: eqos_open: Cannot attach to PHY (error: -19)" prompted. And the driver was still trying init phy.
How can I skip the phy operation and transmit data to sja1105q directly?

We have similar case but not SJA1105q.

Maybe you can refer to this post.

The switcher sja1105q had worked after spi configuration. But the error
[ 18.410851] eth0: Could not attach to PHY
[ 18.411822] net eth0: eqos_open: Cannot attach to PHY (error: -19)
occured during phy initialisation. The phy we used is KSZ9031.
I had changed phy configuration in tegra194-platform-eqos.dtsi according to the example case that use KSZ9031 phy. But it seems to be useless.
Do you have any other suggestions?

There is a known issue in KSZ9031. Resolved by vendor.