Replace PHY on microchip switch KSZ9896

Hi! I’m trying to use KSZ9896 as PHY on Jetson Xavier custom board. What should I do to bring up ethernet on my board. Do I need KSZ9896 drivers or I can use default drivers and just config device tree? KSZ9896 connected over RGMII interface on port 6 and MDIO bus.

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Please check this thread.

Our network via KSZ9896 worked after the following actions:

  1. Configuring the device tree.
  2. SPI bus connections to KSZ9896.
  3. Installing the KSZ9896 driver.
  4. Configuring KSZ9896 via the reg_bin utility.

Files in (1.9 MB) chment. The device tree must be adapted to your board.

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