Jetson Xavier Can't Boot At 70 Degree

As title, system can’t boot at 70 degree.

Please see the boot message.


  1. Is this nvidia devkit or custom carrier board?

  2. Which software release are you using ? Is this a pure jetapck release?

  1. Custom carrier board.

  2. Pure Jetpack release.

what’s meaning from the message?

Are you able to reproduce same issue on nvidia devkit?

I have no nvidia devkit now.

May I know what’s meaning from the log?

Thank you.

Looks like some error from cpu.

Please try to dump full log from serial console. It is not reliable to debug such issue by logs on monitor.

It looks initialization issue between pcie root port and device.

Any reg can i try?

This is your carrier board and you just share only one picture for us to debug.
Thus, we cannot tell the reason.

Please tell us how you think this issue is due to pcie.