JETSON AGX XAVIER boot failure

i am using the Jetson AGX XAVIER industrial version (Jaxi) for our system.
it is assembled on our own custom carrier design.
under positive temperature environment (~80deg) the module doesnt always boot succesfully.
when it does - everything works fine.
attached the captured log from UART console.
the log shows 4 succesfull boot processes , the fifth and sixth fail and then success again in the next two.
first boot failure log starts at line 3528.
all 6 power-cycles were performed under the same conditions , one after the other repeatedly.
our carrier controller prints are also available showing stable power and valid sampling of the power-up process.

can you tell what might be the problem?
on lower temperatures , the module always boots succesfully.

teraterm_new.log (379.7 KB)
pls advise.


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The operation temperature of Xavier industrial is -40C – 85C from spec.
But looks like the temperature you are running with is already over 85C from your tegrastats.

Hi Wayne,
where can i find the temperature reading in the log?
according to the temperature readings of the CPU/GPU/AUX/AO/BOARD etc. right before the boot failure , i wasn’t even near the recommended values (according to TABLE 2-2 in the TDG-08981-001_v1.3 specification).
i know this because i had a task reporting these values repeatedly - reading from tegrastats.

does the log confirm that over temperature is the cause for the boot failure?

If the last line in your log is not the temperature during test, then please do not put it in your log.

It is just a noise let make others don’t know what you are doing.

Also, as you already said “under positive temperature environment (~80deg) the module doesnt always boot succesfully.”.

If you think that is the problem, then lower the temperature to test again.

As I already said, the operation has to be under 85C.

Also, we only guarantee the functionality of devkit. If you want to confirm whether this issue is only related to your board or not, test with devkit too.

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