Jetson Xavier Ethernet Port Replacement

Good day Nvidia Forum,

We are developing on a Jetson Xaveir (945-82972-0000-000) and recently accidentally pulled an ethernet cable out of the port breaking the plastic clip interface.

Does anyone have a part number or a compatible DigiKey replacement for this? I’d really appreciate any help,


Hi Kieran, re-working the board yourself would void the product warranty. Since it is still under warranty, it is recommended to RMA it through who you purchased it from for the broken ethernet port.

thanks dusty, we are in a time crunch and can’t spare the lead time to get it reworked by NVIDIA, this is why we need to do it ourselves, if the warranty is voided then that is okay


Typically the webstore RMA policy is replacement in advance, they do not send re-worked units back into the field.

Have you checked the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board BoM for the part you are looking for?

Thanks dusty, this was actually really useful, although it turns out the ethernet port that Nvidia uses on Xavier is a custom part to NVIDIA so ordering replacements is near impossible. Do you know what the process is for opening an RMA request is? Or who I should get in touch with?


Search near the top of this for “RMA”: