Jetson AGX Xavier Flashing Issue and Hardware Problem

Hello NVIDIA Team,

I was working on Working on Jetson AGX Xavier,
I was flashing the jetpack in this with my Ubuntu18.04 machine.

  1. I stuck at Getting the IP address of my Target machine,
    my host machine was not able to get the IP of the target machine, even I connected both on my router and Xavier is not booting up

  2. Voltage select 3 pin(J415) is broken from the board.

What will be the solution for this?

If I have to replace my board please tell me how can I do the replacement of this?

Thank You :)

hello pratikhrohane124 ,

please setup serial console via port J501 to gather bootloader messages for reference,

Thank You for the response,

Can you please explain a bit detail of it, what I have to do

I am new to this

When Flashing is down, the NVIDIA logo appear on screen, then disappear after sometime and come back again

hello pratikhrohane124 ,

please access Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit User Guide.
it’s port J501 a micro-USB connector, which provides access to the UART console. the default baudrate is 115200/8n1.
you may use the serial port utility, such as minicom or picocom to setup the communication.
for example, $ picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB3

While flashing, i started the picocom, the message i get is attached in the file flashing_messages.txt (42.4 KB)

Please find the attachment,

I am getting the same issue Mention here

at this stage the xavier is reboot ans logo appear for a moment,

I am using this jetpack :

hello pratikhrohane124,

may I have more details for staying at this 3-years-old release image?
FYI, the JetPack-4.6 has published recently.

Okay, I didn’t get that package in download, I find this also documentation available for this…

Now I downloaded SDKManage and from that try to Flash

But I got got different errors,

hello pratikhrohane124,

please check the System Requirements of NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer.
you may also use the [EXPORT LOGS] options to dump the details, please attach them to the thread for reference,
thanks (73.9 KB)

hello pratikhrohane124,

you got failure to access to APT repository. i.e. Unhandled error when running sudo apt-get update
please check [System Requirements], you should also update your host machine. thanks

Yes I have 4 GB of RAM its needed 4GB

I will get the new one and will try again

Voltage select 3 pin(J415) is broken from the board.

2 legs of this pin is detached from the board

How can I repair this?

please contact the NVIDIA Customer Care team for the RMA (Return Material Authorization) process.