Jetson Xavier NX Module Boot Buckle

I have a Jetson Xavier NX Module, with a Avermedia Carrier that has an internal storage of 16GB.

After run sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack the internal storage get full and the Jetson not loger start, locked in a loop with this output.


Is it correct that this shuts down without any chance to use serial console? If that is the case, then probably you have to clone, repair the clone, and then flash the clone back in place (assuming you are in need of saving something).

If you choose to do so, then I recommend having two clone copies. One as a reference, and a second to experiment on. For the experiment you’d want to examine this script:

What this script does is use QEMU to be able to run account and password updates while being on the host PC (QEMU is emulating the arm64 environment). You can manually run steps to reach this content, and then on command line do things like delete unneeded files (you don’t need to use the script to add accounts, but it shows you how to use QEMU).

When you clone note that you get two clone files. One is a “sparse” image (a “.img” file), and the other is a “raw” image (a “.img.raw” file). You can throw away the smaller “sparse” image, but keep the “raw” image. It is the raw image you can freely loopback mount, examine, and manipulate. Either file can be used for flash. The reason for the sparse file is that it is normally smaller, and thus faster to flash. As the filesystem fills though, the sparse image approaches the size of the raw image. In your case both files are going to be very large, and you shouldn’t waste host PC disk space with the sparse image. You’ll want to use “df -H” to see if your host PC has enough space before you start, or you could end up with the host PC in the same situation. If your partition size is 64 GB, then you can expect to use over 128 GB just from the clone.

Is it correct that this is the eMMC model? I’m not actually positive of what the correct clone command is for the NX (eMMC), would someone happen to know what the clone command is on an eMMC NX?

EDIT: Note that you only need the QEMU stuff to run commands such as apt or dpkg. A simple loopback mount will allow you to delete files without going through special commands.