Jetson Xavier NX cannot boot and get stuck at NVIDIA screen

Hi, I am literally a beginner. I have an old Jetson xavier nx (developer kit version), but one day I restarted my jetson but it could not boot correctly and it was stuck at the Nvidia screen (It just stayed there forever and didn’t change until I unplugged the power) (as shown in the figure). How can I fix it?
I’ve heard some people say to put the jetson into recovery mode and flash it but I’m worried that this could cause all data and current software to be lost.
Is there any way I can restore my jetson to the state it was in before it crashed?

If this is an eMMC model, then data would be lost. If this is an SD card version, then you can choose to flash only QSPI memory. Developer kits which have the SD card mounted directly on the module, and not on the carrier board, put a lot of boot content in QSPI memory; eMMC models tend to put this in partitions. Is this an SD-card-only model? Or is this a model with eMMC?

You can generally clone content prior to flash if you need a preserved copy of the rootfs. This might or might not be useful, it depends on the corruption. If it is entirely boot chain corruption, then clone will more or less give you a perfect backup. If you have eMMC, and you clone to a host PC, then you can attempt to repair the loopback mounted raw clone (the clone gives you both a sparse clone and a raw clone…the sparse clone is only useful for flash, the raw clone can either flash or be examined and manipulated and read…I throw away the sparse clone). Clones take an enormous amount of disk space, so beware of that if you choose to clone.

SD cards are easy to clone anywhere and you can attempt recovery of that as well. This will neither matter nor be useful if it is the QSPI content which is failed (and often it is). You can still clone an SD card as a backup, with either another SD card as destination or backing up to another Linux computer.

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Thank you. But back to the first question, are there any solutions for this? Is flashing the Jetson Xavier NX is the only option?

I will say yes, this is mandatory. The stage at which this fails indicates the equivalent of BIOS and boot stages do not work with that release on the SD card. You don’t have to keep doing this to change the SD card unless you go to a different major release. For example, an Xavier flashed with R32.x cannot boot an R35.x SD card, nor the reverse. Once flashed within a major release (e.g., R35.x) you won’t need to flash it for other R35.x SD cards.

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