Boot menu not accessible: Jetson xavier NX dev kit


I cannot access the boot menu because the Jetson xavier nx (dev board with 15GB SD Card and 250GB NVME SSD) does not respond to any keyboard strokes at early boot time. Instead I get a message: Warning; Test Key is used . ** L4TLauncher: Attempting direct Boot …
the Boot process continues without opening any UEFi menu.

Iam trying to clone entire Linux system (Partition) to image for backup using clonezilla live which requires booting from USB drive(Clonezilla live installed).

OS is running on nvme0n1p1 not from mmcblk0p1.

Any solutions and suggestions would be appreciated…!

Hi kalyanroczzzz,

What’s the Jetpack version you are using?

Do you want to clone the rootfs from your NVMe drive (nvme0n1p1)?

jetpack 5.0.2

Yes, present OS is running on NVME drive …!

Please refer to the following thread to cloning rootfs from NVMe drive with
How to clone Orin NX APP partition to host PC - #6 by lhoang

You may need to do some modifications in script for R35.1.

Cloning rootfs from NVMe would be officially supported from R35.4.1.

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