Boot menu not accessible on JP 5.1.1 - Jetson Xavier NX dev Board, Ethernet Problems

Hi, I recently upgraded my Jetson NX dev board to JP 5.1.1 from JP 4.1 with SDK manager.

I cannot access the boot menu because the Jetson xavier nx (dev board with 64 MB SD Card and 500 GB NVME SSD) does not respond to any keyboard strokes at early boot time. Instead I get an error message: Warning; Test Key is used . ** L4TLauncher: Attempting direct Boot …
the Boot process continues without opening any UEFi menu.

I checked this with both a wired USB Keyboard and also with a wireless microsoft keyboard.
==> no reponse to keyboard strokes at early boot time so there is no chance enter UEFI Boot

The system itself is a full install with lates SDK manager and was installed without problems.

Is there a work around for the Jetson Xavier NX?

Another problem I noticed is that the Ethernet Kabel has to be unplugged and replugged after boot in order to get a working internet connection at 1Gbit. If this is not done the Jetson is pingable and can be reached from a host via ssh but internet access is impossible.

For 100 MBit connections this unplugging is not necessary, ping, ssh and internet are working

Kind regards Marius


the Warning; Test Key is used . message is not an error, it’s just a log from the UEFI firmware. A lot of users have been asking about it, and you can turn it off by re-compiling UEFI firmware from scratch.

For the issue of no response from the keyboard, we do encounter this issue sometimes internally, and the workaround is to plug the device to a host PC, open up UART connection on the host, and do the configuration using the keyboard on the host PC, not the one on the device.

For the second issue, you mean it only happens when it’s a 1Gbps cable, but not for a 100Mbps cable? Does dmesg give anything that may be related to it?

Thank you for your quick and helpful reply.

  1. The Warning, I can live with that.
  2. Keyboard, I try later, at the moment I do not need to enter UEFI.
  3. Yes with 100 GB connection Internet works immediately after login. With 1GB connection the port is connected, green light on, amber led flashing, however no internet connection (as I mentioned there is a valid IP and ssh from host works). After unplugging and replugging the cable voila internet connection works. Of course I do not want to unplag the cable after each boot.

sudo mesg gives no hint to me:

[ 15.349059] nvethernet 2490000.ethernet eth0: Link is Up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control off
[ 15.349136] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready
[ 16.385476] rtk_btusb: btusb_flush add delay
[ 16.395569] rtk_btusb: btusb_close
[ 16.407540] rtk_btcoex: Close BTCOEX
[ 16.407555] rtk_btcoex: -x
[ 21.409580] Bluetooth: BNEP (Ethernet Emulation) ver 1.3
[ 21.409609] Bluetooth: BNEP socket layer initialized
[ 21.472178] rtk_btusb: btusb_open start
[ 21.472184] rtk_btusb: btusb_open hdev->promisc ==0

Do you have any idea how to avoid replugging ethernet cable?

Kind regards and thx in advance


I’ll suggest you:

  • Get a full serial console boot log, with the failing cable connected. Serial console will allow seeing more details than just dmesg by itself.
  • Once booted, with network still failing, run this command (I am assuming the network interface is eth0; adjust to your actual case if different):
    ethtool eth0
    (if using serial console with logging enabled, you can just append it to the boot log)
  • Report the output of “ip -s addr” and “ip route
    (if using serial console with logging enabled, you can just append this too to the boot log)
  • Now monitor “dmesg --follow”. Report what new log messages occur as a result of unplug and replug of the ethernet cable.
  • Once again, show the output of:
    • ethtool eth0
    • ip -s addr
    • route

Also, consider examining the connectors on the failing ethernet cable just to see if there are any bent pins.

How long are these cables? Is this going through a switch, or is this direct to a router? Can you either add a switch, or try a different switch (the model would have to be different)?

Hi, thank you very much for your interest and attention.
cabels are ok, no mechanical issues. A switch placed between router and jetson - the problem persists, internet only after replug.

ethtool eth0 gives identical outputs after replugging but root changes from to and next time I enter “route” (without changing the cable) (why this ???)

I than went into manual settings and entered a DNS IP
“” and voila internet works (without replugging).
so long story quick solution, strange things.

Kind regards and thank you for your attention


so it got fixed after you manually assigned an IP to your Jetson?
Glad to see that.

Yes thank your for advice

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