The jetson Xavier is not booting - Jetpack 4.4


I switched on the jetson xavier to use, it went to UEIF Interactive shell instead of GUI

I installed the jetpack 4.4 and working good,

This time when I switched on the use, it is not booting

Here is the images,

How to get the desktop GUI, What is this issue saysing?


The issue is talking about you are definitely not 100% using jetpack4.4 because the photos you showed are UEFI. And UEFI is only in use on jetpack5. Jetpack 4 does not use it.

Please reflash your board with sdkmanager.

@WayneWWW , thanks for writing

I installed the jetpack 4.4 using sdkmanager, but it still goes to the same UEFI shell

What is the possible reason for this?, Could you please help me on this,



You need to dump the serial console log so that I can tell what is happening.

Those screenshot from HDMI monitor does not help.


I followed the link to get serial console log, but, there is no /dev/ttyUSBn is showing up,

Do you have any solution for this…


Please share me your host side dmesg after you connect the micro usb port between jetson and your host.

Be careful that it should be micro usb port. Not type C port.

Yes, I am using the micro usb port, the cable looks like this -


Are you sure your cable has data line but not only power line…?

and, also there is no /dev/ttyACM* showing up

Don’t need to care about ttyACM*, it will 100% not show up in this situation…

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yes, it is can transfer data also

Did you see and are able to reply above question or not?

When, I give dmesg in my laptop, I got this output which is in the txt file, please check, thanks

dmesg.txt (89.5 KB)

Sorry, one question here. Are we sure this is jetson AGX xavier devkit but not something else?

Something else means custom board or even totally not AGX Xavier but NX.

the device is the Jetson Xavier NX development board

…Then why do you file a topic in Jetson AGX xavier…

oh sorry, I did not aware of that, I will change the tag

please use this page instead. You cannot use micro usb port. Need to use the pin on board.

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I just moved the topic to Xavier NX.

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