Jetson Xavier NX reliability problem of usb3 hub detection

We’re using the Jetson Xavier NX with Seeed Studio’s A203V2 carrier board (A203 Carrier Board | Seeed Studio Wiki)

At random, around 1 out of 40 boots, the RTS5411 hub’s usb3 interface is not detected.

The problem can be reproduced by following the installation procedure below: A203 Carrier Board | Seeed Studio Wiki

with :
and :

and also :

and the following service : (1.5 KB)

We obtain the following logs :
ecocounter_test.log (1.9 KB)
usb_1.log (38 Bytes)
usb3_1.log (475 Bytes)
dmeg_1.log (57.9 KB)

In dmeg_1.log we notice that this line is missing :

[ 6.978702] usb 2-3: new SuperSpeed Gen 1 USB device number 2 using tegra-xusb

For custom board, please contact the board vendor.

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