Jetson Xavier NX u-boot console


Is there a way I can see u-boot logs on Jetson Xavier NX? We use a custom carrier board and unfortunately can not access the debug serial port on Xavier NX.

Is the serial console is the only one way?

I don’t know of a way (the short answer being “I don’t think so”), but wanted to add a detail: The NX and AGX use CBoot directly, and skip U-Boot. CBoot has had many U-Boot features ported to it, and so it does the logging. If you were looking at source code, then you’d skip looking at U-Boot and go directly to CBoot code. You’d have to code some alternative if you don’t have a serial port. Serial ports are nice because there is already a UART driver, and the code for the UART is trivial compared to many other drivers.


hello vbhm,

Xavier NX doesn’t have uboot, please check Xavier series Boot Flow for reference,

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