Kafka and Zookeeper containers missing from NGC repo?

Good afternoon!

I have recently been accepted into the Morpheus Early Access Program and seem to be running into some issues during install. My issues are specific to Kafka and Zookeeper. While going to deploy morpheus-ai-engine Helm chart both the broker and zookeepers pods fail due to not being able to pull either image from the NGC repo provided through the program. I did look in the repo and was unable to find anything for those containers. Is this intentional or am I missing a step in the documentation?


  • Austin

Hi Austin,
Sorry for the issues, the team is working to restore those components. Don’t have an exact ETA but hopefully tomorrow.

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Hi Austin, please retry your deployments and let us know if you are still having issues.

I reinstalled the Helm chart and everything went smoothly! Thanks for the update.

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