KIT APP issue on GFN

I have an APP which uses cesium extension for geo maps . The app runs perfectly fine on local . However moment I upload ot GFN app fails to start and hangs on a whit screen . The app tries to install Cesium on GFN and and hangs there . I have already tested following scenarios

  1. Adding the dependency only ( " cesium.omniverse " = {})
  2. Bundling the extension with the app as a local extension
    both above approaches ends up with the same block .

Not to necropost or anything, but this seems like an interesting problem. I’m not an NVIDIAn, but I do use the Cesium extension on a regular basis. Are you enabling fabric either via command line or in your .kit settings? I assume so as you say it’s working fine locally, but I know the Cesium extension pops up a modal to reload the scene if you don’t, and I was wondering if the modal maybe didn’t show up in the stream or something like that. Another thing I’d try is streaming over webrtc or cloudxr from your local machine to see if it might be an issue related to streaming.

no. further follow up with both cesium team and GDN team . UPdate :

its related to GDN and how it onboards or preinstalls a kit app and associated extensions . Still the problem is not resolved but the rootcause is cesium installs varios mini tools on start up . while our local omniverse set up allows than , there seems to be issues when the same happens on a GDN hosted server .

On webrtc . yes trying to use a similar appraoch with GDN client sdk . ill keep you posted .

Sounds good. Good luck, keep us up to date.