KittiWriter colorize_instance_segmentation throw an error

If run the following code, you will get an error and cannot obtain the image of the instance segmentation

After testing, it was caused by colorize_instance_segmentation = True

Omniverse Code 2023.1

writer = rep.WriterRegistry.get("KittiWriter")
            colorize_instance_segmentation = True,
            use_kitti_dir_names  = True,


2023-10-21 09:16:16 [Error] [omni.replicator.core.scripts.backends.log] [tid 34560][backends][] expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not ndarray

2023-10-21 09:16:17 [Error] [omni.replicator.core.scripts.backends.log] [tid 32556][backends][] Error detected during Omni.Replicator.backend worker write

Hello @whs11998, thank you for catching this! The issue has been addressed in the latest release (omni.replicator.core > 1.10), available in the current release of Omniverse Isaac or in the next (2024) release of Omniverse Code.

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