Large collision inaccuracies for softbodies


currently I am building a scene with softbodies and have the problem that the collisions are very inaccurate. For example, when I drop a simple softbody cube on a ground plane, it hovers several cm above it (see picture). I have already tried several parameters and the only parameter that changes this behavior is the units per meter setting in the root layer (which, to my understanding, should not be changed for something like this). Currently this is set to 0.001, if I increase this value to 0.01 the distance gets smaller but the cube still floats noticeably above the plane. Is there another setting (that I may have overlooked) that can increase the collision accuracies?

I have not experienced this behavior in the previous version could this be a bug in the current Omniverse Create version (2022.1.0)?

Thanks in advance!

this could be affected by contactOffset and restOffset parameters. If you select the deformable body in the advanced section you can set the contactOffset and restOffset. By default they are computed automatically based on object size and metersPerUnit (hence your reported change).
The restOffset must be lower then the contactOffset, you can try some small value like 0.02 for contactOffset and 0.01 for restOffset.

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Thank you very much, this solved the problem!

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