Latest PGI (10.5) compiles Boost on MacOSX (10.5)

This is very much work in progress.

Boost: 1.43.0
PGI: 10.5
OSX: 10.5 (Server)

I have made modifications in three areas:

  1. New stripped down version of pgi.jam
  • optimal options should be added eventually
  1. Made some namespaces explicit
  • eventually we need correct ifdefs
  1. Removed long double -routines
  • this applies to tr1/math -routines only

Remaining issues:

  1. Creation of dynamic libraries
  • lots of warnings of the type
    “ld warning: codegen in … (offset 0x0000013A) prevents image from loading in dyld shared cache”
  1. I haven’t done any testing. I’m assuming the dynamic libraries are not OK.
  2. No attempt to make modifications “Boost-compliant” has been made
  3. References to external libraries are missing
    (Boost libraries affected: python & iostreams)

Anyone interested in collaborating on this?
It would be interesting to see what happens on Snow Leopard (10.6).

Harri Hakula