lhost id and netCDF


I have some problems when intalling a PGI version 6.1. It is for a workstation, Linux SUSE 9.3
First I have a License problem. I can not find my host id anywhere.

Secondly, when I try to compile with the temprary license file (or the free trial verison 5.2) I am not able to read (or write) netCDF files. My guess is that I need a newer version of glibc. My present verion is 2.0. I believe I need the version 2.3.4. However, installing glibc 2.3.4 seems to be a very difficult and time consuming task. Therefore I ask you if you could tell me if it is necessary tu upgrade my gnulibc?

best regards

Hi Johan,

You can find your FlexLM hostid located in the file “license.info” at the root of your PGI installation, typically /usr/pgi. You can also use the command:

lmutil lmhostid

As for the NetCDF problem, I’m not sure what you mean by not able to read the netCDF files. Are you not able compile NetCDF? Are you not able to run the program you built? What error are you getting?