Lidar Point Cloud Accumulation only work when organized = true?

When I try Point Cloud Processing Sample, I try to set dwPointCloudAccumulatorParams for minDistanceMeter, maxDistanceMeter, minAngleDegree, and maxAngleDegree, but it’s not working, only if I also set organized = true.
Is that correct for this API?
Set organized = true also will impact point cloud result, so I want to know these params could be work without organized = true?

**Hardware Platform:DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
**Software Version:DRIVE Software 10
**Host Machine Version:Ubuntu 18.04
**SDK Manager Version:

Dear @Denny.hsu,
Could you tell which API has issue and error details. Also, Could you share Lidar details?

I init Point Cloud Accumulation by following
params.memoryType = [DW_MEMORY_TYPE_CPU]
params.organized = true;
params.minDistanceMeter = 1.5;
dwPointCloudAccumulator_initialize(&accumulator, &params, lidarProperties, context);

The result only work when params.organized = true, if params.organized = false, there is no any change for minDistanceMeter and maxDistanceMeter.
organized = false and not set minDistanceMeter

organized = false and minDistanceMeter = 1.5

organized = true and minDistanceMeter = 1.5

Dear @Denny.hsu,
In point cloud processing sample’s initAccumulation() function, I have added the below parameters to reproduce the issue
params.organized = false/true;
params.minDistanceMeter = 1.5;

I could not reproduce the issue. Could you please file a bug with sample code to reproduce the issue on my machine. Please login to with your credentials. Please check MyAccount->MyBugs->Submit a new bug to file bug.
Please share ID here to follow up. Thanks.

I had submit a bug for it.
BUG ID: 2934462

Dear @Denny.hsu,
This issue is fixed and available in next DRIVE release.