Lidar accumulator strategies

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Hi team,
I was going through the point cloud processing webinar. It has been mentioned in the webinar that we have different lidar accumulator strategies like,
Full Spin (accumulate full spin)
Temporal (accumulate in time interval)
Spatial (accumulate within an orientated bounding box)
Angular (accumulate within predefined FOV)

But I could not find how to set these strategies while using accumulator functions.

All I could find is using ‘dwPointCloudAccumulator_getDefaultParams()’ we are setting point cloud accumulator parameters to default. When I checked ‘dwPointCloudAccumulatorParams’ I found parameters like,

whether strategies have something to do with these parameters?

Could you please let me know what parameters I need to set for each of the above strategies?

Thank you,

Dear @nithin.m1,
We are checking internally on this and update you as soon as possible

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Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,

Is there any update on the topic?

Dear @nithin.m1,
By default accumulator uses full spin.
It also supports angular spin by setting maxAngleDegree, minAngleDegree, maxDistanceMeter, minDistanceMeter parameters. May I know which strategy you are interested to use/experiment?

Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV ,

I am interested in other strategies as well. but I could not get any info on how to set these strategies. Could you please give me any references which discusses these strategies and how to implement it using driveworks?

thank you,