Lightsource projecting a texture/image

How do I setup a lightsource that can project an image/texture onto the scene it illuminates?

In Houdini with karma renderer I was able to use the “light filter” option to add a node that projects a texture onto the scene.
In davinci resolve fusion one can use a camera and convert it to a projector.

The goal is to simulate a fringe pattern projection as used in stereo vision applications to measure disparity between two camera images.

Hello @msteiner! We are looking into how to do this. Will post back as soon as we have more information to share!

Hello @msteiner! It sounds like you are looking or a Projector type of light, the dev team is working on this feature! You can assign an HDR into the texture field of a RectLight. In order to get it to work in RTX rendering mode, you will need to enable “Sampled Direct Lightning” under Render Settings > Direct Lighting