Linux Driver 470.63 with T1000 Card memory leak

Hi ,
Am facing a memory leak on T1000 card using driver 470.63 which grabs all the free memory if the game is left idle over a couple of days. The free memory is consistently falling down and finally machine freezes.
Is there a driver update / patch which can help ?

System Used :
Ubuntu 18 based machine. ( kernel 5.3.6) , Nvidia Driver 470.63


Which process is grabbing the memory?

The overall free memory is going down (MemFree: in /proc/meminfo) . No process in particular is gaining memory.

Also observed grinding/humming noise after two days of running.

IT seems like the memory leak recovered after couple of days run . So I have changed the subject to denote noise and freeze issue.I do see the card heated up after 4-5 hours of usage. Could this be an overheating issue ?