Looking for download source of "graph composer 1.0" for my jetson xavier with jetpack 4.6


I am using Jetpack 4.6 with Ubuntu 18.04 to run deepstream sdk 6.0.
Please help me out with a download link for “graph composer 1.0”.

Any help appreciated.


**• Jetson Xavier NX 16 GB
**• DeepStream 6.0
**• JetPack Version 4.6

after click I Agree To the Terms of the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 6.1 Software License Agreement
you will see the graph composer download button.

Thank you.
I tried to get graph composer 2.0 run, but it seems, that ubuntu 18.04 is not supported (=> Ubuntu 20.04).
So I am looking forward of graph composer 1.0.
Is that downloadable, too?

Hello Amycao,

I have installed jetpack 5.0.2, after that deepstream 6.1 with tar method. At last graph-composer 2.0 per apt.

Registry --help is callable.
composer is not found on sytem.
What could have went wrong?


Hi @stefan.s_from_G , Jetpack 5.0.2 needs DeepStream 6.1.1, which was released today. The corresponding GraphComposer version is 2.0.1, it can be downloaded on page DeepStream Getting Started | NVIDIA Developer

The archived packages on link NVIDIA DeepStream SDK on Tesla (Archived) | NVIDIA Developer, but seems you may not need it as you have upgraded to JP5.0.2.

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