Low memory availability

I have 2X RTX 4090 24GB and after few minutes when I turn on/off objects using buttons and rendering, whole memory is used. After that when I want to ON some object, they wont load. Now I get message in console “2023-03-10 09:42:27 [Warning] [omni.hydra] Processing of geometry is paused due to low memory availability. 657 objects are left in the queue.”

What should I do? Is possible to somehow release memory when I am in “play mode”? Or my only chance is to optimizing my scene? What is worst: too many objects, too many poly or too many materials? Thanks

I’m getting the very exact same issue! Just followed your post to see if any working fix arises.

To help you out, I’ve had that many assets and even more in my scenes, and would work fine with low frame rate obviously, but still works (using RTX 3060 Ti). Recently, I’ve been getting the same issue you’re getting. Did you change the maximum texture streaming settings by any chance? or used the Paint tool to paint multiple assets in scene?

Before using these, everything worked fine but I don’t think the issue is coming from there. Try a new scene with less assets, and check that you’re using USDs with lesser materials used in scene. Try to re-use materials when you can. See if you’re getting the same console message regarding objects in queue!

Hope my message stems into a fix mate!

Hi Ryan. Well my scene has approx 650 objects, maybe 50-100 different materials and this state is after cleaning. I dont get it why, but I dont use paint tool or changing texture streaming. I do that after this issues.

Same here mate, was working fine but all of a sudden I’ve been getting high memory usage from my GPU. So even with a new project without any assets in scene, you’re still getting high memory usage?

No…I am ok with small scenes…I think its like low memory release after using iray renderer. After turn on iray, memory will be filled, but after turn off iray there is not enough mem release. IDK why. I thought that the renderer solves this themselves.

Ok I see, and does it happen when switching to Path tracing rather than Iray renderer? Try reloading the scene and switch to Path tracing instead of Iray. It was working likes you’re saying before last week, in my case. Then all of a sudden I was getting high memory even after switching to real time rendering and in a fresh new empty scene!

Well I am fine with path tracing. But maybe just because I have 2x 4090…mmm maybe there is some bug after last updates.

Could be mate… If I find a fix, I’ll let you know, Cheers!

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Can you send me your scene so I can take a look ? Also any video capture of the memory being used would be helpful.

Realtime and Interactive use the same vram memory pool on the GPU. However, IRAY, uses its own memory pool, and it will require a rebuild of materials and geometry, thus consuming more vram.