Low resolution with Nvidia drivers on Linux


I installed a 1650 GTX (Palit KalmX) on an AMD Ryzen 3 machine, running Linux Mint 19.3 with 5.4.0-51-generic kernel. For VGA, when default Xorg-nouveau driver is loaded, there are no display issues. But when I set a Nvidia driver, I get a low resolution and the monitor is “unknown”. I tried all listed drivers, 390, 435, 450 and even not official 455, to no avail.
There might be a hint here: a couple of days ago, I had this resolution issue from time to time. After a number of reboots, it went back to normal. Since yesterday, the issue is permanent (with Nvidia drivers). Maybe there is some problem with a config file, I can imagine.
Secure Boot is disabled.

Does anyone have a clue?

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EDIT: I removed my answer, I thought it was fixed, but the nvidia driver silently failed and “nouveau” was loaded :-(
I uploaded the bug report. I don’t know what to do next…
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (535.7 KB)

No advice other than to look elsewhere for help. I’ve been here for a month and have received no help at all.

This is my post.

Hello, I tried countless things to fix de nv driver loading issue. Eventually, the 5.4.0-51 kernel was replaced by 5.4.0-52 and the issue was fixed. Such a relief, it drove me nuts…