LP0 mode on L4T 28.1


What is the new mechanism for putting the TX1 into LP0 mode?

Previously I was using this.

cd /sys/power
echo lp0 > suspend/mode
echo mem > state

But there is no /sys/power/suspend/mode anymore in L4T 28.1.

We are investigate will update here once get relative information.


Previously we supported two different sleep power modes such as LP1 & LP0. The power mode lp0/lp1 must be written to suspend/mode sysfs node before entering suspend state. But now on Rel-28 branch with K4.4, we do not support LP1 suspend, so default suspend mode is LP0. The suspend/mode sysfs node is removed as it is not necessary.

running below command is sufficient to enter LP0 sleep state:
$ echo mem > /sys/power/state


Thank you. That clarifies everything.