Make exe icon from resource files in visual fortran?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make an icon on my fortran executable using a bit map, but when I right click on the resouce files folder in the solution explorer and select add new item I am do not have the option to add a .rc file. I’ve tried looking through the menu_dialog sample solution but I don’t think this is what I want. Is there another way to do this without buying a seperate program or manually creating a .rc file?


PVF ships with the VS Shell for users who do not already have Visual Studio installed on their system. The VS Shell does not include the resource editor and PVF itself has limited support for resource files. You can add existing .rc files to a PVF project, and compile these as part of the PVF project’s build, but there is no built-in help for creating or editing resource files.

The resource editor is available in the full version of Visual Studio, although obtaining this product does require purchasing a separate program. We don’t have any experience with alternatives to using VS.