Mate wont load desktop with nvidia

I have an Asus M2N-MX SE PLUS mother board with onboard
graphics nvidia Geforce 6100, and also tried Geforce 7100 GS
graphics card.

I have tried Ubuntu-mate 14.04, Debian 8.00, and Debian
Testing. The OS’s install and boot OK, and run fine on
XFCE4. On MATE 1.8 , they will boot OK a few times until I
start configuring browers (FireFox, IceWeasel, and
Chromium), then on boot, after sign-in, the desktop partially
loads and freezes without any mouse or panels. I can hit
ctrl-alt-fx, go to console and restart lightdm, and it’s
normal until sign-in again, then it freezes as before. I
have tried both free and proprietary drivers, with same results.
I have updated the bios, with same results.

Any ideas ??

I don’t see any option to attach the nvidia-bug-report.log.gz to this report, and it is 135KB, uncompressed, so I doubt that it is appropriate to copy it here.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (32.1 KB)

If you try to use compiz. Don’t. It’s broken with the 6000-7000 series cards.

Thanks for reply. I don’t use compiz. Just to try something, I removed compiz from my ubuntu-mate 14.04 installation, and the problem is unchanged.

After trying many things over the last two weeks, I have come up with a very simple solution.

DO NOT install lightdm, or else remove (purge) it when the trouble shows up.

I built a Debian 8 install from scratch, but did not install lightdm. I log in from the console.
With Nvidia 304 driver installed, none of my previous problems are occurring.

On an earlier install of Ubuntu-mate 14.04, which had become unusable, I removed lightdm, and now everything is usable simply by logging in at the boot console. Since I don’t care about graphical
log-in, this is no inconvenience for me.

So, it seems that some glitch in the code makes MATE, lightdm, and my hardware incompatible. Since my hardware is older, it is unlikely that the bug will ever be cleared. But, at least I can use
the release.