Ubuntu 14.04 desktop was not loading after NVIDIA driver installation in dual boot system (Windows 8


I brought Lenovo Y-50 laptop few days before it has GTX 860M card-4GB and windows was already installed in it. I was able to make it dual boot. I installed linux and also NVIDIA drivers on that but after installation of NVIDIA drivers, when I turned on lightdm then desktop was not loading. I was not able to do anything on that.

I tried different desktop environment and also different linux OS like ubuntu 14.04 and Opensuse 13.1 to run NVIDIA drivers properly but problem remain for all OS. Accidently we have able to make it to work but there was continous mouse flickering which made impossible to work so I have to uninstall it finally.

I think there was compatibility issue with linux kernel and NVIDIA drivers so can you tell me please which linux kernel will support particular NVIDIA drivers and also about other dependency issues.

Thank you,
Pancham Lal

P.S. - I made system dual boot by following these steps,

I tried to install NVIDIA drivers for GTX 860M by following these steps,

Got exactly the same issue. When installed nvidia-prime, lightdm dont show up, when installed bumblebee, optirun got Error cannot load driver.