340.32 Driver Linux Mint 17 Freezing

I’m having an issue with installing Official Drivers on Mint 17, the installation and everything seems to go fine. No signs of anything missing. However, when I open an Application (even running glxgears) it will be a minute or so and my entire setup with freeze.

The screen will freeze, but with mouse movement but the glyph doesn’t change, then the mouse movement gets slower shortly and stops all together. No keystroke (Ctrl+Alt+F1) or anything will respond and I’ll have to do a hard reset to get back into the system.

I’m not entirely sure what information would be useful at this point but I’m happy to run whatever command is needed to help fix this.

Graphics Card: GeForce 550 Ti

Well I tried everything I could find, and I’m not entirely sure what fixed it. However, I used:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

and I not don’t crash when I use the mentioned application. So I’m guessing something just didn’t configure properly. Either way took me 5+ Hours to get it to work. Hope this helps someone out.

EDIT: Called it too quickly seem to still have the issue. Seems to be more prominent when V-Sync is off. However, moving windows that use OpenGL seem to be hanging up somewhere.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (98.6 KB)

I am in a pretty similar situation where after a random amount of time the computer absolutely freezes. Even REISUB doesn’t work. I have Geforce GTX 260M. Had this problem while using Linux Mint 16 (kernel v3.11) and now as i use Arch (kernel 3.16.2-1-ARCH) the problem is still there. Everything works okay with driver version 304. I’d want to use the newer drivers because then i could play XCOM:EU.

I ran nvidia-bug-report script and my computer did this freezing.

Iain_VM, Are you running Cinnamon, KDE, MATE or Xfce Linux Mint 17 ? Is any previous drivers stable on your setup? Plz make sure that there no any system/hardware issue. Please share some reproduction scenarios? Also generate and provide nvidia bug report as soon as issue hit.

Cinnamon currently. I’ve tried all the possible drivers. However, I decided to take the card out to check for any obvious physical damag, and when I placed it back in it’s run fine. But once again has started to freeze.

I’ll generate another report next time it happens. As for reproducing it even happens when I have just YouTube running.


have you tried running sudo nvndia-xconfig to see if maybe updating your xorg.conf helps?

I have indeed tried that. I’ve tried getting a clean version of the OS and updating just the drivers, to just taking the GPU out of it’s slot and reseating it.

Strangely reseating the card seems to prolong how long it lasts til it next freezes. But I never move my desktop. So I don’t see how it’s becoming disconnected to begin with…

Could this be a hardware issue? :/ I’m going to be rather upset if it is. I can’t afford a new GPU while at Uni. D:

I’ve been an xfce (xubuntu) user for years, I like its simple design and light weightness while still remaining really customizable. When mint 17 cinnamon came out I decided to give it a go, I liked it a lot, to me it felt like a more “modern” looking xfce in a way and I didn’t have much issues customizing it either. BUT, I had problems with it crashing, and it would completely freeze the system from time to time as well. I honestly have no idea what it is, but it just seems to not be stable on nvidia hardware. There are reports of it’s instability all over the interwebs. Not sure about non Nvidia gpus? maybe its (more) stable for them?

I only put up with it for about a week before making the jump to Arch, where I also tried cinnamon before installing XFCE on it. Same exact problems as using it with Mint 17 (crashes and/or full lockups), possibly even worse. In the end I’ve stuck with XFCE on Arch and I’m happy with it, just as I always have been.

Ill try cinnamon again in a year or 2 probably, because to ME it’s the only other viable DE replacement for XFCE. But when mint 17 released, it just felt like a beta DE IMO.

Guys, your issue seems really familiar. It may be that our GPUs are overheating.

Can you check your GPU temperature with nvidia-settings, section GPU 0 -> Thermal Settings.

And also check if your GPU fan is spinning (check both RPM and % Speed)


I also have a freezing problem. I posted about it in another thread:


I’m quite convinced it’s caused by a dual monitor configuration. I wanted to ask you guys if you use more than one monitor. Maybe you can check your logs to see what kind of error you have